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RF10-7-1 Huai Hua San-1 (槐花散-1)


Disease: Amebic Dysentery, Ulcerative Colitis, Bleeding Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissure, and Prolapsed Rectum.
Main Symptoms: Bright Red Bleeding from Rectum during Defecation which typically precedes the passage of stool, Blood in the Stools, Hemorrhoids with either Bright Red or Dark Red Bleeding. A Red Tongue Bodies. A String-Taut, Rapid or Soft, Soggy, Rapid Pulse.
Extra Symptoms: Enhance the Formula Ability to Stop Bleeding

  • Huai Hua Mi (Flos Sophorae Japonicae Immaturus) 槐花米
  • Ce Bai Ye (Cacumen Platycladi) 側柏葉
  • Zhi Ke (Fructus Citri Aurantii) 枳殼
  • 형개탄
Additional Information

Amebic Dysentery, Anal Fissure, Bleeding Hemorrhoids, Prolapsed Rectum, Ulcerative Colitis

Main Symptoms

Blood In The Stools, Bright red bleeding from rectum during defecation which typically precedes the passage of stool, Hemorrhoids With Either Bright Red Or Dark Red Bleeding, Rapid Or Soft, Rapid Pulse, Red Tongue Body, Soggy, String-Taut

Extra Symtoms

To Enhance The Formula Ability To Stop Bleeding

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