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RF11-6-5 Wan Dai Tang-5 (完帶湯-5)


Disease: Preeclampsia, Otitis Media, Tinnitus, Impotence, Subdural Hematoma, Rhinitis, Chronic Gastritis, Hepatitis, Colitis, Chronic Bacillary Dysentery, Chronic Pyelonephritis, Nephritis with Proteinuria.
Main Symptoms: Profuse Vaginal Discharge that is White or Pale Yellow in Color, Odorless, Clear, Thin Leukorrhea, a Bright, Pale Complexion, Fatigue, Lethargy, Loose Stools, a Pale Tongue with a White Fur, a Soft and Weak Moderate Pulse. Also for Disorders Associated with Spleen Deficiency and Turbid Dampness such as Diarrhea, Edema During Pregnancy, Edema During Menstruation, and Headache.
Extra Symptoms: Pain and Cold in Lower Abdomen

  • Bai Zhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae) 白朮
  • Shan Yao (Radix Dioscoreae) 山藥
  • Ren Shen (Radix et Rhizoma Ginseng) 人蔘
  • Cang Zhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis) 蒼朮
  • Chen Pi (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae) 陳皮
  • Che Qian Zi (Semen Plantaginis) 車前子
  • Bai Shao (Radix Paeoniae Alba) 白芍
  • Chai Hu (Radix Bupleuri) 柴胡
  • Jiang Jie (Herba Schizonepetae) 荊芥
  • Gan Cao (Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae) 甘草
  • Wu Yao (Radix Linderae) 烏藥
  • Xiao Hui Xiang (Fructus Foeniculi) 小茴香
  • Pao Jiang (Rhizoma Zingiberis Preparatum) 炮薑
Additional Information

Chronic Bacillary Dysentery, Chronic Gastritis, Chronic Pyelonephritis, Colitis, Hepatitis, Impotence, Nephritis with Proteinuria, Otitis Media, Preeclampsia, Rhinitis, Subdural Hematoma, Tinnitus

Main Symptoms

Bright Pale Face, Clear, Diarrhea, Edema During Menstruation, Edema During Pregnancy, Fatigue And Lethargy, Headache, Loose Stools, Odorless, Pale Tongue With A White Fur, Profuse Vaginal Discharge that is White or Pale Yellow in Color, Soft and Weak Moderate Pulse, Thin Leukorrhea

Extra Symtoms

Pain and Cold in Lower Abdomen

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